How to Secure Yahoo Email Account from Hacked
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You know that you Yahoo account have been hacked and you don’t have control of your account; you can’t help with it. The immediate course of action is to get the Yahoo account secure and review it to avoid any harmful impact of hacking or hacker. There is a sequence of steps to get this issue fixed due to hacking of your Yahoo mail account.

The 4-MSteps guide for Yahoo account to secure from hacking

Step 1- Sign in to your Yahoo Account
The first step is to sign in to your Yahoo mail account; this is needed to get into your account and take control of it. In case, your password doesn’t work or your password has been changed by the hacker; then you need to take help from Yahoo Sign-In Helper using the link This will help you to get into your Yahoo account and you will get the control in your hand

Step 2- Get the password changed
The next step is to change the password after signing in. When you can get in using your previous password; you need to change the password with a stronger one. In case, you can’t sign in; you have to use Yahoo Sign-In Helper using the link Here, password will be changed automatically. Make sure that, this password is not easy to crack or something a hacker can guess easily

Step 3- Review your Yahoo account settings
You have got the control of your hacked account and also changed the password. Now, you need to review the settings of your account. Yahoo account has some settings which helps you to keep your account safe and secure. So, from the settings section; you should get a quick review over alternative email address and mobile number, personal information and account recovery option. This will keep your account safe, in case some hacker changed it

Step 4- Use next level security with it
You have completely reviewed and got control of your account till step 3; now you need to fix the issue of poor security which was the prime reason that your Yahoo account got hacked. Here, the next level of account securities with the conventional password is Yahoo Account Key and Two-Step Verification. Simply, enable any of these securities for your Yahoo account and get rid of with the concern of hacking.

Once you follow any these steps carefully; you will be able to user your Yahoo account peacefully.
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